$50 BLUBOO D2 Globally Launched to Lead 12.12 Discount Carnival
Posted by bluboo | 11 12 2017 | Community News

The latest budget model from BLUBOO company, BLUBOO D2 is beginning its global launch on 12th December. Coming with a series of surprises, it is sure that this model will be the one which you shouldn’t miss in the 12.12 shopping carnival. Let’s move on and find out what surprises are being offered. (more…)

The Best Affordable BLUBOO Phone in 2017 Is Coming
Posted by bluboo | 07 12 2017 | Community News

With the end of 2017 coming, BLUBOO is preparing a big gift for the budget phone market. This well-known phone company focusing on providing good products at a reasonable price will reveal their last secret this year, the latest model of BLUBOO D2 PRO and BLUBOO D2. (more…)

BLUBOO S8+ Official Review
Posted by bluboo | 04 12 2017 | Community News

BLUBOO S8+ has been launched globally for nearly a month, both customers and media consider it as the most beautiful 6.0-inch smartphone with 18:9 aspect ratio as well as respectful performance. It is known that this model gets upgraded from 5 aspects compared with its former sibling, while can it really fit the name as...

Posted by bluboo | 23 11 2017 | Community News

BLUBOO S8+ has been launched out for a while, receiving a wide popularity from customers all around the world. Today, the company released an official tear-down video of BLUBOO S8+, which reveals more secrets inside this beautiful full-screen phone. Let’s check it out.Video link:https://youtu.be/MHmrKjr4CXs (more…)

Official Unbox Video of The Hot Selling BLUBOO S8+
Posted by bluboo | 14 11 2017 | Community News

BLUBOO S8+ is the latest smartphone from BLUBOO, which was recently launched on 11th November with a considerable discount. Compared with its original version, it was impressively upgraded on several aspects. An official unboxing video is released now, let’s take a closer look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9ztyxF53Cg (more…)

Huge Discount Attack from BLUBOO on 11.11 Shopping Carnival
Posted by bluboo | 10 11 2017 | Community News

11th November is the online shopping carnival from which customers all over the world can get real benefits. With the approaches of this exciting e-commercial carnival, BLUBOO is arranging the best deals of all their phones sold online this year. Containing the global launch of BLUBOO S8+, promotion activities will kick off with a series...

What Are the Plus Parts of BLUBOO S8+ ?
Posted by bluboo | 07 11 2017 | Community News

The BLUBOO S8 was generally considered as the best-looking budget phone with 18:9 aspect ratio in 2017 after its global launch. And to all the fans’ excitement, BLUBOO now is going released an upgraded version, the BLUBOO S8+. What kinds of improvement are done on this model to make it as a “plus” version?  Let...

The BLUBOO S8 Slumps $50 for Halloween SALE
Posted by blubooadmin | 20 10 2017 | Community News

The Halloween preparations are in full swing and it’s not a surprise that all vendors are trying to use this time to offer some big discount for attracting buyers. And vise versa, the smart consumers will not miss this chance at the same time. So of course phone manufacturers like Bluboo will join in the...

BLUBOO New Products will Showcase in the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair
Posted by blubooadmin | 12 10 2017 | Community News

The Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair will officially kick off at the Hong Kong AsiaWord-Expo Hall 7 on October 18, 2017, and lasts 4 days to October 21, 2017. The exhibition brings together a large number of quality manufacturers and suppliers to showcase their latest products, equipment and new conceptual models. BLUBOO, As a famous...

$149.99– the Lowest Price Ever to Get A BLUBOO S1!
Posted by blubooadmin | 29 09 2017 | Community News

To welcome the National Day---the most significant day for the Chinese, BLUBOO, a Chinese phone producer offers an attractive discount for their competitive product---BLUBOO S1. You can get this full-screen device at just $149.99 which will turn to be the original cost of 219.99$ when the promo ends. This activity lasts 2 weeks from October...

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