Better Design Than Samsung and Apple, BLUBOO S2 Exposed
Posted by bluboo | 07 02 2018 | Community News

The world’s largest conference for the mobile industry, 2018 MWC will open up in Barcelona on 26th February. Many new flagships have been exposed one after another, like the Samsung S9 and Huawei P20. However, among all the revealed information, one model successfully draw people’s attention by its creative and practical design, the BLUBOO S2, which...

BLUBOO D5/D5PRO Unbox, Tri-bezel less With Metal Body
Posted by bluboo | 26 01 2018 | Community News

Featuring the same 18:9 full-screen design as Mi Mix 2, while selling 1/5 of the Mi Mix 2’s price. The high-profile full-screen model BLUBOO D5 has been widely discussed these days, some tough that it is impossible, some looked forward to knowing more details. Now the BLUBOO company releases an official unbox video, let us...

Samsung S9 + 8300mAH Big Battery = BLUBOO S3
Posted by bluboo | 17 01 2018 | Community News

The BLUBOO company has announced several full-screen designed smartphones recently. And now another amazing model comes into our sight, the BLUBOO S3, which is estimated to be launched at the same time as the Samsung S9. According to the BLUBOO staff, this model is specially made for high-end business people, featuring with two glory colour...

The First Budget Killer of MI MIX 2, BLUBOO D5 Is Coming
Posted by bluboo | 08 01 2018 | Community News

At the very beginning of 2018, there is a good news from BLUBOO. A brand new full-screen model, the BLUBOO D5 is coming. This model gets design inspiration from Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, featuring a tri-bezel less screen with 18:9 aspect ratio. This kind of full-screen design is now basically applied on expensive phones, but...

BLUBOO Christmas Promotion Up to 50% Off
Posted by bluboo | 22 12 2017 | Community News

With the coming of Christmas, people will send presents to each other to show concern. A present is like a bond that connects friends、families and lovers, BLUBOO phone is also doing the same job, connecting one to the rest of the world. (more…)

The Best Budget Phone of BLUBOO In 2017
Posted by bluboo | 21 12 2017 | Community News

The BLUBOO D2 has been globally launched on 12th December, this $49.99 smartphone adopts some technology that is seldom used on the budget phone. The BLUBOO company today releases a performance test video about this phone, from which it seems that BLUBOO D2 not only features a stunning appearance but also get decent performance in...

$50 BLUBOO D2 Globally Launched to Lead 12.12 Discount Carnival
Posted by bluboo | 11 12 2017 | Community News

The latest budget model from BLUBOO company, BLUBOO D2 is beginning its global launch on 12th December. Coming with a series of surprises, it is sure that this model will be the one which you shouldn’t miss in the 12.12 shopping carnival. Let’s move on and find out what surprises are being offered. (more…)

The Best Affordable BLUBOO Phone in 2017 Is Coming
Posted by bluboo | 07 12 2017 | Community News

With the end of 2017 coming, BLUBOO is preparing a big gift for the budget phone market. This well-known phone company focusing on providing good products at a reasonable price will reveal their last secret this year, the latest model of BLUBOO D2 PRO and BLUBOO D2. (more…)

BLUBOO S8+ Official Review
Posted by bluboo | 04 12 2017 | Community News

BLUBOO S8+ has been launched globally for nearly a month, both customers and media consider it as the most beautiful 6.0-inch smartphone with 18:9 aspect ratio as well as respectful performance. It is known that this model gets upgraded from 5 aspects compared with its former sibling, while can it really fit the name as...

Posted by bluboo | 23 11 2017 | Community News

BLUBOO S8+ has been launched out for a while, receiving a wide popularity from customers all around the world. Today, the company released an official tear-down video of BLUBOO S8+, which reveals more secrets inside this beautiful full-screen phone. Let’s check it out.Video link: (more…)

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