$50 BLUBOO D2 Globally Launched to Lead 12.12 Discount Carnival

$50 BLUBOO D2 Globally Launched to Lead 12.12 Discount Carnival

The latest budget model from BLUBOO company, BLUBOO D2 is beginning its global launch on 12th December. Coming with a series of surprises, it is sure that this model will be the one which you shouldn’t miss in the 12.12 shopping carnival. Let’s move on and find out what surprises are being offered.

The final specs information of BLUBOO D2 is officially revealed today, from which we can see that BLUBOO holds great expectation on its last model in 2017. BLUBOO D2 is paired with a quad-core processor, a 5.2” Sharp HD screen and a big battery of 3300 mAH. Organic glass is used on the back, technologies like CNC, laser-carving and Nano-painting are adapted to build an astonished body. Such a decent budget phone with outstanding appearance is only priced at $69.99, beating down most models on the market with the same price level. What’s more, during the 12.12 promotion period, with a discount of 30%, BLUBOO D2 will be sold at $49.99. Buyers will also receive a gift package including an explosion-proof film protector, a pure phone cover and a customized ring phone holder. What an exciting promotion. 


Well, there is something even more exciting, BLUOO organizes a flash sale of its flagship, the BLUBOO S8+. From 12th Dec. to 18th Dec., a certain number of buyers can get this 6.0”full-screen phone with $74.99, half of its original price. Wanna get a yearly flagship for half price, try your luck here: https://goo.gl/q8jaF9

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