Better Design Than Samsung and Apple, BLUBOO S2 Exposed

Better Design Than Samsung and Apple, BLUBOO S2 Exposed

The world’s largest conference for the mobile industry, 2018 MWC will open up in Barcelona on 26th February. Many new flagships have been exposed one after another, like the Samsung S9 and Huawei P20. However, among all the revealed information, one model successfully draw people’s attention by its creative and practical design, the BLUBOO S2, which adopts a well refined rotating camera to realize real full screen.

The full-screen design is no doubt one of the most popular concepts in the mobile industry in the last year and the rest of this year. However, limited by the traditional definition of front camera, the real full screen hasn’t appeared so far, even apple choose to compromise and the latest iPhone X came out with an unexpected notch on the top of the screen. However, BLUBOO, a Chinese phone producer creatively shows a feasible solution, a rotating camera. In this case, not only the bezel can be further narrower, but also the performance of selfie will improve a lot since the rear camera can be turned and use as the front camera.

BLUBOO is a phone producer who focuses on making good-quality phones with affordable price. However, the specs of BLUBOO S2 shows the company’s ambition and efforts in developing the high-end market. It’s said that the rotating part will be made of a special material to support over 100,000 times of use. The camera can be a Sony customized one or Carl Zeiss verified camera with 21.0 megapixels, and the processor will be a powerful octa-core chip with at least 6GB of RAM.

It is glad to know that the BLUBOO S2 will be showcased in Barcelona at the end of this month, expect that all the secrets will be revealed at that time. Moreover, there will be more surprising new model from BLUBOO on the 2018 MWC, if you’d like to learn more, you can also check BLUBOO’s official website:


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