BLUBOO S1 Review Video—Warmming up the Full-Screen Trend


As we all know, BLUBOO has launched their model S1 on the market for some time. With the increasing number of consumers are likely to know more about this device, the BLUBOO company have released a new video in a detailed way:


We can see from this video, This 170g device features 144X75.9X8.7mm size offers you all available latest features and provides every latest experience in one small device. This can be obviously showed on its full-screen design which is quite impressive and stylish for attracting phone users. Of course, there are many other appealing specs showed on this video. Let’s see it.

When it comes to the overall design of the BLUBOO S1, there is Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and a Tri-Bezel-Less screen.This 5.5’’ sharp screen employing a 1920×1080 resolution gives wonderful visual experience no matter in playing static images or dynamic videos.

A good-quality camera is a prerequisite for you to capture every precious moment. BLUBOO S1 equipped with 16.0MP+3MP Sony dual cameras to highlight your beauty and the front-facing camera enrich your experience for its abundant modes such as face-beauty mode, panorama mode.

A high-capacity battery is a necessity for a well-performing phone. And yes, BLUBOO S1 has. Powered by 3500mAh battery, BLUBOO S1 guarantees a reliable and enduring service time. 20-minute high load operation only consumes 8% of the battery capacity.

Hardware is an essential aspect of every smartphone, and the BLUBOO S1 offers very promising hardware quality. As you can see, the Antutu remark reaches to 63360 and the phone support OTG connection for a fast and easy use. Also, the wifi speed test shows us that BLUBOO S1 provides high-speed and stable wifi transmission. The cool aspect about the performance of the BLUBOO S1 is that it can handle all types of games, even those with more intense graphics and there are no glitches or lag issues since it supports 256GB expandable memory.

The sensor is a high technology, in which with one single touch of the finger numerous functions can be performed. BLUBOO S1 sets up several sensors to convenient life. Maybe we need to mention that the Proximity sensor and the Light sensor works well.

I guess you get a general idea about this phone. if you like, get it: for Gearbest for Aliexpress Store

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