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    WARNING! The installation process will remove all the data from your device. Please, if you have an important data on your device, backup your files. To avoid complications and software instability during OTA update and update via PC, please, take out a memory card from your device.

    Step 1. Download and unzip the flash tool file: QGDP_assembly_V3.1.8
    picture 1

    Step 2. Open the file, click and install the flash tool: QGDP_Assembly_V3.1.8.0614_setup
    picture 2

    Step 3. After installing the flash tool, login with account name: Assembly, password: ase
    (you can change language into English by clicking on the green square shown below)
    picture 3
    picture 4

    Step 4. Download the latest ROM and unzip it, click on “config” option, select the “.CPB” file and apply.
    picture 5
    picture 6
    picture 7

    Step 5. Click on “scan port” option, click on the “reset” button, click on the “scan” button, after that, turn off your phone, connect it to your computer with standard usb cable, press the volume “-” button till scan result appears, then click on “save” button.
    (if the phone turn into factory mode before the scan result appears, turn off the phone and repeat the steps above again)
    picture 8
    picture 9
    picture 10
    picture 11

    Step 6. Pull out your phone, click on “start” button, reconnect your phone to the computer, and wait till the progress bar turns into green.
    picture 12
    picture 13

    (If failed, close the flash tool and try all the steps above again.)


    Sand Storm

    Hopefully this Friday I’ll have a bluboo s8, so, in advance, i thank about this tutorial. At least it’s good to know you guys give us support.

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