Huge Discount Attack from BLUBOO on 11.11 Shopping Carnival

Huge Discount Attack from BLUBOO on 11.11 Shopping Carnival

11th November is the online shopping carnival from which customers all over the world can get real benefits. With the approaches of this exciting e-commercial carnival, BLUBOO is arranging the best deals of all their phones sold online this year. Containing the global launch of BLUBOO S8+, promotion activities will kick off with a series of huge discount and carefully prepared gifts. Come and learn the rules to get ready in advanced. 

Global launch of BLUBOO S8+: The BLUBOO S8+ is officially priced at $179.99, while during the presale period of 11/11 to 25/11, it is available for only $159.99 and buyers will receive a pack of gifts worth at least $30 which includes one crash proof case, one screen protector, two type-c adapters and two USB cables. What’s more, it is very exciting that the first 1111 buyers of BLUBOO S8+ will get another $10 discount and the total cost will just be $149.99.

Flash sale with 2222 pcs of flagship: As the two flagship models of BLUBOO phones in 2017, S8 and S1 are also going to play roles in this shopping carnival. During 11/11 to 13/11, 1111 pcs of BLUBOO S8 will be sold at the price of $129.99, 1111 pcs of BLUBOO S1 will be sold at the price of $149.99, both get a huge discount up to $50. What a respectful promotion!

Special offer series: During  11th Nov. to 13th Nov., all the other models of BLUBOO will get anticipate discounts, vary from 20% to 40%, reaching their lowest price ever before. 6.0-inch May Max for $125, 5.5-inch Maya for $69.99, sharp-capturer Dual for $89.99, well curved Edge for $96.66, Picasso 4G for $76.99 and D1 for $69.99.

Official giveaway of BLUBOO S8+ will also begin on BLUBOO facebook, it only takes two steps to hold the chance of winning the latest model.

There is no doubt that the best deal in 2017 of BLUBOO phone is coming, go and enjoy this discount carnival:

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