Official Unbox Video of The Hot Selling BLUBOO S8+

Official Unbox Video of The Hot Selling BLUBOO S8+

BLUBOO S8+ is the latest smartphone from BLUBOO, which was recently launched on 11th November with a considerable discount. Compared with its original version, it was impressively upgraded on several aspects. An official unboxing video is released now, let’s take a closer look.

In the video, we can see BLUBOO S8+ of three colors, black, blue, and silver. There is no doubt that the silver one is most eye-catching, its brilliant mirror back melts into to the highly polished metal frame, making the whole body looks harmonious and fantastic. Also, equipped with a larger screen of 6.0 inch, BLUBOO S8+ is obvious to be wider and longer while still easy to hold with one hand and to unlock naturally via the rear fingerprint sensor. According to revealed data, the screen resolution is HD+, not very outstanding in the market of the phone with 18:9 ratio. However, as shown in the video, color contrast and brightness appear to be far more than expected, this is due to the strict optimization of software, an engineer from BLUBOO said. We also know that BLUBOO S8+ runs a bigger memory of 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, more details about performance will come to the public in the following official review.

Inside the box, except the phone, quick guidebook, warranty card, phone case, and film protector, BLUBOO this time provides us with two USB cables and two type-c adapters. It is very considerable to do so since this kind of accessory is easy to be lost in daily life.

Now BLUBOO S8+ is still in its presale period, the first 1111 buyers can get one for just $149.99. l believe you are not willing to miss, click here and be one of the initial customers to experience this amazing phone with a fantastic appearance.

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