BLUBOO S1 Review Video—Warmming up the Full-Screen Trend
Posted by blubooadmin | 26 09 2017 | Community News

As we all know, BLUBOO has launched their model S1 on the market for some time. With the increasing number of consumers are likely to know more about this device, the BLUBOO company have released a new video in a detailed way: (more…)

Competing with XIAOMI MIX2, BLUBOO Jump into the Era of “Full Screen Display 2.0”
Posted by blubooadmin | 12 09 2017 | Community News

These days, people seem to take the appearance as their first priority. A wave of beauty swept all walks of life. Of course, the phone industry is also involved in this revolution since they made arduous efforts to develop full screen technology. (more…)

Official Videos to See a More Real BLUBOO S8
Posted by blubooadmin | 15 08 2017 | Community News

Now, it is the time that BLUBOO S8 goes on hot presale on two platforms. In order to let you get a general idea inside and out about this phone, the company released several professional videos. Today we will take a look at BLUBOO S8 from a different perspective through a teardown video: [pexyoutube pex_attr_src=""][/pexyoutube]...

BLUBOO S8–Presale Continues to Warm up!
Posted by blubooadmin | 12 08 2017 | Community News

If you are a BLUBOO fan, you must know that there is 50% off for BLUBOO S8 in its first week of presale. Are you the lucky guy to get this good-looking phone? Is it too short for you to grasp this chance? Never mind. The second round of surprises is coming! First, let’s check...

BLUBOO S8 Official Review
Posted by blubooadmin | 08 08 2017 | Community News

Samsung's Galaxy S8 (international version tagged at $629.99 on Amazon) a bit too much for your wallet? Cast your eyes on the BLUBOO S8 which its global reserve is in full swing. Is it a really good phone? well-designed? check. Powerful? Check. Flexible? Check. Durable? Check.  (more…)

BLUBOO S8 Global Pre-sale is started –Unboxing Video !
Posted by blubooadmin | 02 08 2017 | Community News

We finally have a real look at the long awaited BLUBOO S8. it is powered by Octa-core processor paired with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM which support up to 256 GB expandable storage. Also, this handset adopts Sony dual rear camera and the 3450 mAh battery guarantees long working hours without any worries. BLUBOO S8...

BLUBOO S8 Global Presale Begin at $74.99
Posted by blubooadmin | 31 07 2017 | Community News

BLUBOO S8, the latest device flaunts one of the few full-screen handsets which initiatively realize the 18:9 aspect ratio design. Also, it houses Sony Dual Rear Cameras with Dual Rear LED Flash and the 360 OS adopted by BLUBOO S8 particularly enhances attraction for its strong performance to protect Internet Safety. And now, you can...

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