The Best Affordable BLUBOO Phone in 2017 Is Coming

The Best Affordable BLUBOO Phone in 2017 Is Coming

With the end of 2017 coming, BLUBOO is preparing a big gift for the budget phone market. This well-known phone company focusing on providing good products at a reasonable price will reveal their last secret this year, the latest model of BLUBOO D2 PRO and BLUBOO D2.

From the leaking pictures, we can recognize that this model is once again a beautiful out-looking phone with shinny body. Both of them are made in the design of metal frame + glass back. Passing through strict processes like CNC cutting, Nano-painting and laser carving, these crafts are seldom used on budget phones, thus it will be hard to believe the price when you take your first look on BLUBOO D2 and D2 PRO. It is worth mentioning that the back material difference between these two models, BLUBOO D2 PRO is equipped with Corning Gorilla 4 glass, while BLUBOO D2 is adapting organic reinforced glass.

Now let’s look on the specific specs: BLUBOO D2 PRO is running on a quad-core processor MT6737, adopting 5.2” HD Sharp screen (1280*720P), equipped with 13.0MP dual rear cameras and 8.0MP front camera, supporting 4G Cat 4.0 network, powered by a 3300mAH battery and 360 OS BLUBOO D2 is also running a quad-core processor(MT6580A), adopting the same 5.2” HD Sharp screen, equipped with 8.0MP dual rear cameras and 8.0MP front camera, supporting 3G network, powered by a 3300mAH battery.

Last is the most concerning part, price. According to official leaking information, it is said that the 4G version BLUBOO D2 PRO will be sold at the price of $80, and the 3G version BLUBOO D2 is priced at just $50. The launching time is located on 12th December, the last e-commercial carnival in 2017, so it is very reasonable to assume that there will be more surprise. Click here to pay more attention:

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