What Are the Plus Parts of BLUBOO S8+ ?

What Are the Plus Parts of BLUBOO S8+ ?

The BLUBOO S8 was generally considered as the best-looking budget phone with 18:9 aspect ratio in 2017 after its global launch. And to all the fans’ excitement, BLUBOO now is going released an upgraded version, the BLUBOO S8+. What kinds of improvement are done on this model to make it as a “plus” version?  Let us check it out.

Just like the Samsung S series, “plus” refers firstly to the screen size. Remaining the 18:9 aspect ratio, BLUBOO S8+ adopts a Sharp infinity screen which reaches up to 6.0 inch. Thus, pictures and videos will be more immersing on this new model while the single-hand operation still be comfortable. And this time, the gold version is changed into a silver one, which looks more fantastic and can be used as a mirror when you turn its smooth back upside.

The second “plus” is a stronger memory combination, BLUBOO S8+ sports 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM.  4+64GB is the mainstream hardware equipment for many mid-range smartphones on the market, but BLUBOO S8+ stands out in term of responding speed due to the better-optimized operation system, 360 OS.

The third “plus” is the battery with a higher capacity of 3600 mAH, which contains 4.4V battery core and supports fast charge. For most of the phone users who use their phones mainly for chatting, searching and reading, BLUBOO S8+ is able to guarantee a one-day working time with only a charge at night for no more than two hours.

The fourth “plus” is about the camera. Equipped with 16-megapixel and 3-megapixel Sony IMX258 dual cameras, BLUBOO S8+ performs better on focusing objects and gives more details as well as a better contrast to make pictures look natural.

The fifth “plus” is in fact not about hardware but software. Thanks to the stronger RAM, BLUBOO S8+ is capable to run the deeper optimized system 360 OS 2.0, which provides much more rich selfie modes compares with its foundation Android 7.0. Besides, disguising your secret data and loginning in a social app with two accounts at the same time are both available due to the employ of Privacy System and Avatar Master. There still remains some funny details not been revealed yet, and I believe it would be a fresh discover when you really use the BLUBOO S8+.

Combining all these five elements of powerful “plus”, BLUBOO S8+ becomes a model featuring both beautiful appearance and respectful performance. Believe it or not, the BLUBOO official announcement declared that such an amazing phone will be globally launched on 11th November, and sold just at the price of $149.99. This promotion is going to last for nearly two weeks, and the price will restore to its normal level of $179.99 after that.

So don’t miss it if you like, click here to learn more: http://bluboohk.com/s8plus/

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